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Starter Packs

If you are new to enamelling, we recommend you buy a starter pack.  This contains samples of all the colours of that type and the resin and hardener you need.  For added security our on-line orders are all processed through PayPal.

(Available to buy on-line to UK mainland addresses only.  Please e-mail or 'phone for price to offshore and overseas addresses.)

These packs are not always available from stock.  If you need one by a specific date please contact us before ordering to check availability.


CHEMSET Enamelling Starter pack V - Transparent Colour Sample kit

This kit contains:
100g Resin (ES8103)
110g Hardener (ES8204)
15g of each colour:
Yellow, Brown, Red, Green, Blue, Black, Orange, Violet and Pink

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£46.50 (plus VAT, p&p)

CHEMSET Enamelling Starter pack VI - Opaque Colour Sample kit

This kit contains:
500g Resin (ES8102) 250g Hardener (ES8203)
100g White colour paste 30g of each colour:
White, Grey, Yellow, Ochre, Red Oxide, Red, Green, Blue, Black, Green GG, Navy Blue, Pink E, Red-Violet, Regalia Blue and Brown

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£106.40 (plus VAT, p&p)

CHEMSET Enamelling Starter pack XX - Sparkle Colour Sample kit

This kit contains:
150g Hardener (ES8204)
30g of each colour:
Neutral, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Orange, Brown, Turquoise and Lilac

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£64.10 (plus VAT, p&p)

CHEMSET Enamelling Starter pack XXI - Metallic and Pearl Colour Sample kit

This kit contains:
150g Hardener (ES8204) 30g of each colour:
Silver Glitter, Satin White Pearl, Gold Pearl, Copper Pearl, Bronze Pearl, Manganese Pearl, Pink Pearl and Black Olive Pearl

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£55.20 (plus VAT, p&p)

Cast Resin Bangle Tutorial DVD

Learn how to cast a solid resin bangle into a silicone mould with Clare John.  See how to set dried flowers into a clear bangle.  Find out how to clean up a casting and how to finish and polish it.

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£5.00 (plus VAT, p&p)

Resin Projects DVD

An introduction to resin casting with Clare John.

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£5.00 (plus VAT, p&p)

Resin Jewellery Projects Book

Four starter projects inspired by the history of art, craft and jewellery for you try.  Written by Clare John, this book provides step-by-step illustrated instructions as well as helpful hints and tips.

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£5.00 (plus p&p)

CHEMSET Enamelling Starter Pack XXII - Fluorescent Colour Sample Kit

This kit contains:

500g Resin (ES8102) 250g Hardener (ES8203)

30g of each colour:

Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Orange and Pink

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£68.20 (plus VAT, p&p)

Resin Jewellery Book by Clare John

Sixteen projects, inspired by the history of art, craft and jewellery for you to try.

The author of this book, Clare John, has a BA in silversmithing and has been using resin in jewellery for over 30 years.

The book provides design inspiration as well as providing step-by-step illustrated instructions, helpful hints and tips for each project.

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£16.99 (plus p&p)

Creating Memories in Resin DVD

Learn how to create resin memorabilia with Fiona Potter.

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£5.00 (plus VAT, p&p)

Mixed Media Projects DVD

This DVD from Jewellery Maker gives you 6 mixed media projects to try:

Chain Maille with Fleur Hastings; Beading with Linda Brumwell; Macrame with Mark Smith; Leather with Gemma Crow; Wirework with Claire Macdonald, Resin with Fleur Hastings

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£5.00 (plus VAT, p&p)

Where to buy Enamels

If you need to replenish your stocks of resin or hardener, please visit one of our stockists.  Our main stockists are:


Official Small Order Agent.

Beading Fantastic stock the CHEMSET enamels in small sized containers including base resins, hardeners, colour pastes, transparent resins, sparkle resins and pearl resins. They also stock a wide range of excellent quality beads, findings and semi-precious stones as well as a selection of craft products for jewellery making.

Why not join their monthly resin jewelllery making group held at Upper Sherringham Village Hall, Norfolk from 10am to 1pm on the second Saturday of each month?



Official Small Order Agent

Jasmin Studio Crafts have now added the CHEMSET enamels to their range of jewellery craft supplies. Visit them online or in their shop in Greyhound Lane, Streatham, London between 12 and 6 Tuesday to Friday and 10.30 to 6 on Saturdays.



Official Small Order Agent

Tanzee Designs is in the beautiful little market town of Wotton-Under-Edge and is a great stop-off if you are travelling North from the West Country. Tanzee Designs shop is stocked with everything you need for jewellery making.



With outlets in the heart of the jewellery quarters in London and Birmingham, Cookson Gold are a leading manufacturer and supplier to the jewellery trade offering the CHEMSET enamels alongside a choice of jewellery making supplies including findings, tools, wire and sheet metal.



Cookson-CLAL distributes the CHEMSET products in France. They have products in stock and you can purchase via their website or from their stores in Paris, Lyon and Marseille.

Cookson-CLAL distribué nos produits en France. Ils ont les produits en stock et vous vous pouvez passer la commande sur son site internet ainsi que dans les magazins à Paris, à Lyon et à Marseille. Téléphone: 04 72 56 42 69



Cousins UK, based in Romford, Essex, are a major supplier to the horological and jewellery trade. They offer the CHEMSET enamels as part of their extensive range of tools, equipment, consumables, jewellery findings and watch & clock parts.



We are always on the lookout for agents abroad who can stock and sell our products. If you live abroad, or have contact with with anyone you think may be intersted, please get in touch.